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iDesign Product Specification

Do you really want to spend your personal time gathering specific products to what you think looks visually correct. Then have to return it back.  Professionals focus on decorating, style along with many disciplines to enhance the functional safety, and the interior space visually to how it appeals to the client.  Letting an Interior designer understand how the space will be used and get an idea of the clients  design preferences with the budget is the first phase in the program.  Once the design concept has been finalized by the client the designer will commence specifying the materials, finishes, and furnishings required, such as furniture, lighting, flooring, wall covering, window treatments, artwork, ect. Depending on the complexity of the project the designer will prepare drawing and submit them to either the city or the architect for review.

iDesign Layout Management

Setup a meeting to fill out the appropriate information together.   Guide customer through the renovation process, remodeling and design concepts. Taking time to understand the vision of the customer and ready for visual communication to contractors.  As an Consultant Service for Interior Design, CAD Drafting, Space Planning, Materials, Detailing, handling budgets, design and coordinating for any project or show. Specializing in Visual Communications in Architectural, Interiors, and 3D Graphics.  Providing customers with Low Pricing and Best Quality!!